About WanderLove

WanderLove was founded upon the desire and conviction to give extravagant love by serving selflessly, even on vacation. We are committed to transform the way people spend their time on vacation by inspiring travelers to be adventurous AND compassionate.

We seek to deepen the connection between the places we visit and the people who call them home by matching travelers with volunteer opportunities at their destination. By investing in the places we visit, we can make an impact that lingers for a lifetime.

We have discovered that more travelers do not volunteer while on vacation because they do not know how or even that it is a possibility to devote only a few hours or a day to a cause in their treasure of a destination.  We strive to make it easy and effortless for you to travel with purpose, on your schedule.

What Makes Us Different:  We specialize in finding short-term volunteer opportunities for travelers who are unable to commit to devoting their entire trip to volunteer work.  There are many travel-related volunteer matching organizations that specialize in connecting travelers with a long-term service opportunity from a week to several months.  We love and support their mission.  In many cases, it is necessary for organizations to secure a longer commitment, however we want to provide a path for those who have the heart and desire to travel with purpose, yet cannot make a long-term commitment.

"We love beautiful, majestic places but even more, we love the deep and stunning hearts of the people hidden in the cracks and crevices, behind the enamor that drew you there. The men and women who call your vacation destination home and stay behind when you leave. Direct your explorations there. We challenge you… be adventurous, be bold and be compassionate. Share yourself. Share your time. Share your talent. Give a small part of yourself and donate only a fraction of your time but make a lasting impact, one that lingers for a lifetime."
Brandy Hill Founder